Update - The "Lazy Bones" option

The Festive Frolic "Lazy Bones"

  • Can't get up for 8am on the 27th December for the Festive Frolic?
  • Well if you only want to run 12 miles or 18 miles then you can skip straight to loop2 and/or loop3!
  • Start at 9:30am from the Eagle, arrive in time to register.
  • All other rules apply.


Festive Frolic Navigation Run - Friday 27th December 2013 - The Eagle Pub Chelmsford

Santa's Pre-Race Check List - Remember...

  • If entering on the day, I must register between 07:00 and 07:45 or I will be on the naughty list
  • Santa only has space for limited runners, so register in advance to be sure of a place
  • I really should have the correct change for my entry fee (£4/£6) or the elves will be sad
  • I must remember to bring a map or you might end up at the South Pole!
  • I need to bring my mobile phone "just in case" and ALL 30 milers WILL need a torch
  • Have fun!

Entry form added

Find form attached:

Just print and send :)

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Post to : Ian Brazier 106A Beehive Lane, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9SH
to be received by 20th December 2013.

Enclose appropriate entry fee with cheque payable to : Ian Brazier




12 / 24 or 30 miles?

PHONE No………………………..CLUB/GROUP…………………………………..Over 18?……….

ENTRY FEE……………………….. SIGNATURE……………………………………………….


E-MAIL ADDRESS ( If acknowledgement of entry is required) ..................................................................

Please enter me for the Festive Frolic. I understand that I enter at my own risk and that the organisers cannot be held responsible for any injury sustained by myself, or for any property lost by me during the event.

TRA Permit 214-14

The adventure starts Friday 27th December 2013.

Hmmm this pictue "might" be a clue

The Festive Frolic Navigation Challenge starts in Chelmsford Essex. The 30-mile route will consist of three looped courses with the option to cover 3 different distances via some delightful Essex countryside (Note all distances are approx. and really depends on how well you can read a map) 

This isn't your usual "race". There will be no route directions to blame for your bonus miles, only you! 

If you normally carry a map but it doesn't come out of your pack, I'd get practicing...

GPS usage is allowed but I've no idea how this would be an advantage anyway!

Get a grid reference, pick a route, run as fast as you can!


Lap 1 – “Medium” 12 miles 

Lap 1 & 2 – “Large” 24 miles 

Lap 1, 2 and 3 – “Supersize” 30 miles 


VENUE — The Eagle Public House, Stock Road, Chelmsford Essex GR TL 705 028. Postcode CM2 8PS. 

PARKING — As directed by signs and/or marshals.

OBJECT — To complete a 12, 24 or 30 mile circuit on foot, mainly on footpaths and roads, visiting a series of checkpoints following your own route that you will decide, within a 3, 6 or 8 hour time limit, all to finish by 4:00p.m. This is primarily a running event. If you walk you must still meet cut-offs. 

START — All start at 8:00 a.m. All runners (for all distances). Please register at least 15 minutes before the start time, kit checks will take place and start will be delayed if required.

REFRESHMENTS — You must carry your own food or drink required. Water at all manned checkpoints. Food available at the finish (for a charge) but not at checkpoints. You can always leave food/drink at start if running the long course. 

EQUIPMENT — You are advised to wear suitable footwear for on and off-road and consider weather conditions. You must carry a waterproof jacket and a back-up warm layer (not worn and not a baselayer) and hat. A fully charged mobile phone with event number MUST be carried. A pen might also be useful!

You MUST carry a map, mapcase and compass. OS Explorer map 183/175, and Landranger map 167. Map folds: Eastings 67-79 Northings 97-05 cover the route. 

Sunrise 8:06 AM, Sunset 3:57 PM. a head torch MUST be taken if on long course. 

ENTRY — Open to over 18’s only. Postal entries will close on Saturday 20th December 2013. Entries will be limited to 100. No acknowledgement will be sent unless an SAE or email address is provided for that purpose. Entry is available on day if places left. 

COST - The entry fee is £4 (non-affiliated £6). The entry fee includes a £2 drinks token. Entries to be sent to Ian Brazier 106A Beehive Lane Chelmsford Essex CM2 9SH. Cheques payable to “Ian Brazier” 


  • Checkpoints must be visited in the correct sequence
  • Marshals have the right to withdraw participants if their fitness is in doubt or if they are behind schedule.
  • If you retire from the event please do so at a checkpoint, ensuring that you inform an official. The organisers will try and transport you back to the finish.
  • Take great care when running along the road sections and consider bright clothing. 


TRA permit 214-13